marta beauchamp

gehen als methode, rhythmen zu untersuchen

workshop 04.–05.2023

four worshops with school children exploring listening, walking, clapping

Photos © Marta Beauchamp

Dancing to music is a way to experience rhythmical patterns through body movements. Though choreographically less extravagant, this transfer can also be experienced through walking. When walking responds to listening, it becomes an activity through which to practice listening.
To sharpen the participants’ sensitivity to detect rhythms in soundscapes and respond to them with the body as an instrument, this workshop focusses on exploring walking as practice to explore rhythm.
We will exercise the difference between speeding up and slowing down, synchronisation and confusion when walking next or far from each other, walking on different surfaces, in different directions…
Due to its simplicity, walking at different paces can establish an intuitive understanding for different environmental speeds. Distinguishing between the feeling of an instant and a season is an important experience for children growing in a world which requires sensitive ears and actions.

Cooperation with:   TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien, MS Geblergasse Wien
Funding:   culture connected 2022/23
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