marta beauchamp


interactive application

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An interactive web page, programmed to imitate an online timetable, guides the user through a booking process to obtain a used ticket from my personal travel archive. The apparently ordinary booking system confronts the user with an unusual form of payment: rather than paying for the ticket the user is asked to engage in a dialogue (answer questions) in order to receive the document. By submitting the answers, the user gains access to the promised ticket in the form of a downloadable image.
Deployed of its function, the used ticket becomes a medium for travelling to a fictitious past and to exchange thoughts as data. By sharing my ticket archive in exchange for personal data, I reflect on the issue of being caught between departure and arrival and on the future of travelling in light of current global geopolitical conditions.”

"In this layered world all perception is real"
29.05.2020 – 31.08.2020
Online exhibition of Kunstverein Bielefeld (DE)
Curators: Nadine Droste (Kunstverein Bielefeld), Antonie Angerer and Anna Eschbach (I: project space Beijing).