marta beauchamp

oops I dropped my needle


cardboard tubes, paint, duct tape
dimensions: variable

Photos © Pascal Maechtlen

performance film

Video © Ronja Kreutzer

work and site

The performance consisted of an intertwining of dance, singing, field recordings and sculupture in the urban setting of a skate park and playground (Kesselbrink, Bielefeld).
Reflecting on endurance as a requirement for success in both sports and performing arts, the performance roots the manifestation of endurance to the site, inspired by the daily routines that people practice in this square as well as interacting with the architecture of the playground.

The 4 cardboard objects developed for the piece play a hybrid function between clothing and architecture: they are large enough for children to sit in them and small enough for the performers to be able to wear them.
The largest objects maintain their position throughout the performance whereas the smallest objects are transported from end to end of the play field, on the body, next to the body, as a body, as a volume, as a barrier.
Their inbetween-scale establishes a transition between the size of the body and that of the site.

Dance:   Hannah Krebs, Noriko Nishidate, Giu Alfeo
Field recordings:   Lola Rubio
Objects:   Marta Beauchamp
Singing, drawing:   Dariya Maminova
Sound compositions:   Duoni Liu, Dariya Maminova

Creative feedback:   Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzales
Technical assistance:   Sofia Vardanyan & Alexandra
Project coordination:   Duoni Liu

Gefördert durch die Kunststiftung NRW und das Kulturamt Bielefeld