marta beauchamp

navigating forager

sound installation

steel tubes, steel screws, paracord, 6 loudspeakers, 3 two-channel sound recordings (6’51’’, 6’44’’, 6’42’’) (Size: c.a. 20 × 20 mt)

Photos © Marta Beauchamp

A static metal body, in a barren landscape, caught between plan and action, attentive to the sun above it and the sounds around it. Six loudspeakers surrounding the sculpture independently play looped recordings of pairs of movement traces. Each pair consists of the x and y coordinates extracted from a plot of the 2D walk of ants foraging in the desert by the means of sun-compass orientation. By orthogonally reproducing the X and Y recordings of each plot within the installation space, the foraging paths are recomposed, opening a space for free navigation amongst navigated paths.