marta beauchamp

intermodular solutions for circumstantial dwellers


fictious advertising campaign in:
M. Visser (2021) CHIC,
Issue 3 – Future in store,
158 pp. (27.7 × 21.3 cm, p. 13)

Photos © Fabio Ney, Marta Beauchamp

«CHIC is a magazine which explores fashion as a facade. Communicative facades are built with clothing. These are constructed shells and protective spaces that address the individual environment.
Future in store, the third issue of CHIC, focusses on the environment which directly encloses the human body. It enters the field of tension between clothing as the second skin and architecture as the third skin. »
Adaptation from: M. Visser (2021) CHIC, Issue 3: Future in store, p. 11

CHIC magazine showcases work from Maria Visser and features advertisement from fellow artists. By joining the issue as advertising partners of CHIC, artists are invited to either promote themselves, their work or a project.

In this project I collaborated with Fabio Nay. We looked at sculptural object series in my studio and searched for a group of objects that would allow us to ambiguously relate our bodies to. We hence treated a chosen object series as material for a photographic composition and searched for relationships with the objects that oscillated between dwelling and wearing, entering and carrying.

Photo & Layout:   Fabio Ney, Marta Beauchamp
Objects:   Marta Beauchamp
Publisher & Editor:   Maria Visser
Links:   Maria Visser, Fabio Ney