marta beauchamp

day in and day out

sound installation

two-channel sound installation (00:08:11).
silk screen printed fabrics, pigment sand, work scaffold

Photos © Peter Cox

This site specific sound installation sets a stage for predicted conditions to meet real time conditions. The data of a chronobiology publication (Aschoff, 1981a) serves as a starting point for the composition. The work explores the motion required for two uncoupled time events to approach each other and hover in synchrony.
Time windows of different length manifest themselves through organic and pixel colour gradients, silk-screen printed on fabric whose sizes match the windows of the exhibition space. The colour transitions and pixel details in these prints function as scores for the polyrhythmic sound pattern played in the space. A purple sand gradient matches the size of the ceiling window, doubling the patterns printed on the fabrics and the shadows created by natural light. A thin purple line, whose shape magnifies a random snippet of the silk-screen print pattern, lies on the diagonal that connects sun rise and sun set points.
Documentation of the performance will follow soon.

This work was developed in the framework of the residency "long term short stay" between May 2023 – December 2023 in cooperation with the following institutions: Baltan Laboratories, MAKE Eindhoven, De Fabriek Eindhoven, United Cowboys Eindhoven.
Thank you to Stefan Geissler for assisting me on site during the build up of the exhibition.
Thank you to the staff of MAKE Eindhoven and Pleun Eldenthuis and Anne Roos for assisting me with the production of the prints.