marta beauchamp

TTFL part1.2

mixed media installation

Graphite on wall diagrams;
85 cm × 56 cm each

"19:54", "20:30"
Cardboard tubes, acrylic paint;
dimensions variable

Photos © Felix Hüffelmann

TTFL part1.2 consists of three pieces: timepoints, 19:54 and 20:30.
The communicating gallery rooms suggest a frame for the display of the pieces: the pencil diagrams (timepoints) are drawn at eye height on a white wall of the largest room and 19:54 and 20:30 are placed in the two smaller rooms, respectively.

TTFL part1.2 fragments a looping cycle of possible combinations into still frames. The cycle is fractioned into 24 time points: all frames but two are visualised as a two-panel diagram, and each diagram depicts a complete cycle of transformation of the objects, accompanied by a time stamp. In 19:54 and 20:30, the content of two missing frames materialises as two spatialized time points in the form of room installations. In each room the object presentation follows the logic of the combination omitted in the diagrams.

While the diagrams provide an overview of the looping process, the installations offer a setting in which to explore and compare two time points.

further reflections on the TTFL series