marta beauchamp

TTFL part1.1

sound installation

Digital print on paper, cardboard tubes, 5 channel sound loop (4’ 56’’);
dimensions variable

Photos © Felix Hüffelmann

In a dark basement room, 5 tubes lie on a brick ground; a slow-evolving chord hangs in the air. Upon entering the room, the visitor stands on a metal grid platform and has to descend some steps to get closer to the tubes. The sounds emitted by 5 speakers, built under the platform, propagate both through the air and through the metal grid; they can be heard with the ears and felt as vibrations on the skin, under the feet.

Sound and colour fluctuations embody the oscillation of 5 core molecules of the TTFL model. The description of how and when these molecules fluctuate within a cycle of 24 hours, provided by the model, lies at the core of this piece.
The piece offers a simultaneous experience of a time-evolving sound gradient and of its instant visual distention: the sound and the print gradient perform the same loop.

further reflections on the TTFL series