marta beauchamp

TTFL part1

sound installation

cardboard tubes, rope, acrylic paint, digital print of magnified halftone on paper, analogue synthesiser loops (5 × 4’ 56’’)
size: c.a. 1 × 10 × 15 m

Photos © Simon Grünert

Video © Christian Sowa

The environment of TTFL (part1) discloses the translation of a biology subject into a mixed-media installation of sound and sculpture. The installation materialises my conceiving of self-sustained biological rhythms and focusses on two aspects of this topic: one is the observation of the phenomenon of circadian rhythmicity as such (presented as a painted tube construction) and the other is the scientific modelling of this rhythmicity (translated as five sounding tubes). The scientific model currently describing the cellular regulation of biological rhythms, the transcription-translation feedback loop (TTFL), identifies five periodically interacting proteins to underlie the self-generation of rhythms in the cell; several features of this model appear throughout the layers of the installation.